Best Apps to get an Instant Loan Approval

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A instant loan is the legal way of giving loan which helps the individuals to meet his financial needs and all their dreams can be fulfilled by applying it. These loans are given to individuals based on credit history and also ability to repay the loan. So, there are many instant loan apps India which is available to your address for quick cash requirements. Also, individuals can apply through online by sending their scanned documents and then the loan amount can be delivered to your doorstep or maybe credited to your bank account. Below are the steps for best apps to get an instant loan approval.


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This application is the online platform for getting an instant loan and it has collaborated with IIFL and Fullerton for disbursal of loan.  PaySense application is available on Google Play. So, the maximum amount of loan that can be taken by this application is 2 lakhs, where interest rate starts at 16.8% annually. The loan amount, tenure are decided based on the risk profile and it will take atleast 3-5 days to get a loan using this app.

Early Salary

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Early Salary is known for getting salary as advance and instant loan. The individuals can get the loan ranging from 15,000 to 2 lakh using this application. There is no credit history required for loan through this application. Also, app can be used at Amazon, FlipKart and Big Bazaar for the easy EMI purchase. So, the interest rate is applicable on loan amount from 2-2.5% per month.

Indiabulls Dhani

Indiabulls Dhani is one of the best instant loan apps India which is backed by Indiabull ventures. Individuals can get unsecured instant loan using this application. So, the best part of this application is that there is no physical documentation required and interest rates are very less 11.99% Also, individuals can get the personal loan up to 15 lakhs using this application and amount will be credited to their bank accounts within few minutes.


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MoneyTap is known for paying the interest on the withdrawn amount. This application collaborated with the leading NBFCs of India and get the instant loan with zero collateral and interest rates starts from 13-24.3% per annum for 2 months to 3 years duration.

Loan can be beneficial to the individuals who are seeking money for their personal purpose and also, they get instant loan apps India according to the terms and conditions applied. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best apps to get an instant loan approval. Thanks for reading!